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  • Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire
    Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire
    by Pete Brown
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For the craic

If your invitation for St Patrick's Day says "Come around for a bit of a craic", you're in luck. Pronounced "crack", the craic has as many meanings as there are faeries in the bog, but it can be summed up as a good time to be had by all, whether it's a music session, a wine and gossip with the girls or a night out with the lads,2106,3213225a7773,00.html


Irish heritage bubbles over into St Patrick's Day

The St Patrick's Festival is in its 11th year and has grown to encompass a week of Irish entertainment. But it all culminates in the big day today, with events spreading across Auckland City.

The hub of the action is the Muddy Farmer on Wyndham St. The road is closed with opening time at 7.30am for an Irish buffet breakfast and the obligatory pint of Guinness. The pub is hosting various live music and dance acts throughout the day.


Steam Brewing Company - Blog & Feed

While trying out this new Blog & Feed for I will also be running it for Steam Brewing Company.

Since Steam Brewing Company doesn't have an offical website or any other means to communicate with those beer drinkers that want to know what is happening in the brewery, I will run the feed.

Located here for those that are interested is the Blog page and the Feed page


An Irish toast, with beer worth drinking

The Chicago River is dyed green each St. Patrick's Day. You can debate whether that's wise, but do not — ever — dye your beer the same color.


Morland Excalibur Strong by Neil Miller

Morland Excalibur Strong, United Kingdom, 8.5%

This is Greene King’s offering for the crowded British “very strong beer in a big can” market.


New Blog and RSS

With the changing trends of the internet, and the problem of getting our email newsletter through SPAM filters and the like, we are now experimenting with a Blog and RSS feed to notify you of the latest additions and news on the website.

Hopefully this will become easier with time, and you will stay up to date every time we post, which some days can be multiple times.


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