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    Hops and Glory: One Man's Search for the Beer That Built the British Empire
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NZ Craft Beer TV - Mash Up - Episode 6 - West Coast Brewery

Episode 6 - Continuing north through the amazing scenery of the South Island's West Coast, we arrive in Westport, and visit the West Coast Brewery. Brewer Dave Kurth shows us around the brewery, and gives us a taste of his great beers. Including the hoppy Pale Ale.


Beer Blogs - Established, New and Newer

Phil Cook's Beer Diaryis approaching its seventh year of operation and is, in my opinion, criminally under-read.  It is knowledgeable, witty and provocative, always unafraid to offer an opinion on everything from global trends, being in the mood for wheat beer and the lack of balance in my Twitter avatar. * Here is a sample of his "tastings and ramblings and whatnot":

Good old bloody-great-big Imperial Stout. Where would we be without you, then, huh? There are occasions where something as big and lovely and just-about-terrifying as this are just mandatory. Like here, catching up with a good friend and his family, in something of a now-weirdly-traditional Boxing Day Second Christmas.

Having just celebrated six months of posting, NZ Beer Blog by Martin Craig has caused an immediate impact with his mix of reviews, opinions and arguments.  I consider his posts to be well-written and find myself nodding far, far more than shaking my head.  The sample I have chosen was from when he decided to enter a mainstream beer into a home brewing tournament:

Thre were 294 entries in the competition, and 266 scored better than Ranfurly Station Pale Ale.  So, more than 90 percent of the entries in this year’s SOBA National Homebrew Competition rated better than Ranfurly Station Pale Ale, a commercial beer available at bottle stores and supermarkets around the country, and currently being heavily advertised on TV.

Finally, I've started a new Kiwi beer blog over at Beer and Brewer. As the title "First"suggests, this is the first post of what will be a regularly updated look at beer in New Zealand and around the world. Feel free to have a look and leave a comment.

The plan here is to blog at least weekly.  I intend to produce some regular features - highlighting the best on the beer blogs and analysing how beer is covered in the media ** - mixed with other stories of the week.  Some will be longer analytical pieces, others might be snippets or collections of things I just thought were interesting.  It is definitely going to be a bit of a mix and I, for one, will be interested to see exactly how it develops over the year.  Hopefully it will encourage some conversations and even debates in the comments section below.  As I have found out many times, not everyone agrees with everything I write.  This is a very good thing.


Neil Miller

* I know Phil is a fan of the footnotes.  He was referring to the "Add More Hops" image I use which, ironically, I stole from his boss.


Beer, power, rates push up prices

Those winter staples, electricity and beer, fuelled price rises in the June quarter.

Inflation figures out this morning from Statistics New Zealand show the Consumer Price Index rose 0.6% for the June quarter, and 1.9% for the year to June 30.

That is well within the 1-3% annual inflation target band, but drill down into those figures and they tell a more disturbing story.

Food prices grew 0.9% - beer and vegetables being the main contributors. Household utilities rose 0.4% - with electricity prices, up 1.6%, being the main reason.

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How can a company own a style?

Wine lovers, ask yourself how you would feel if there was only one brand of sauvignon blanc allowed to be sold in New Zealand.

What if one winery was allowed to trademark a varietal name and, in so doing, prevent anyone else from using it?

You might think it's unbelievable, but it's precisely what's happened in the case of a beer style. DB Breweries, producer of the Monteith's range of beers, has been granted a trademark on the name Radler and is now preventing other brewers from using it.

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Beer Style - Radler - Trademarked in New Zealand by Heineken

There is some heated debate currently on the Forums regarding the trademarking of the beer style 'Radler' by Heineken/DB/Monteith's in New Zealand.

Back Story Here by NBR

Should a company be allow to trademark a beer style?


NEW BEER - Epic Mayhem

2nd February 2009
6.2% acl/vol
26 hops per bottle

Beer Awards
Best in Class - Festive Brew - BrewNZ 2006
Gold - Festive Brew - BrewNZ 2006

Available at the following festivals
14 Feb - Kumeu Beer Wine & Food Festival
28 Feb - NZ Beer Festival - Wellington
14 Mar - NZ Beer Festival - Auckland

Available On Tap -
The Malthouse
Regional Wines & Spirits

Available in 500ml bottles -
Outlets to be announced via Twitter
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Brewed with
UK Pale Ale, Munich and Crystal malts
US Cascade & NZ Riwaka hops

Official Release can be read here

More on Epic Mayhem here


Brew recalls drop which spruced up Cook's crew

During a visit to Dusky Sound in Fiordland I found the creek from which Captain James Cook's crew drew the water for the first beer made in New Zealand shortly after the Resolution sailed into the sound early in 1773.

Cook had 7300 litres of that aboard on his first voyage. He took a supply of the leaves away with him from Dusky Sound to make spruce beer during the rest of his voyage.

His beer was thus not only the first in New Zealand but the first to be exported.

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