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Bay of Plenty - Aotearoa Breweries

Why?: Feijoa Beer

Address: 57 Onslow Street, Kawerau, Eastern Bay Of Plenty
Phone: 07 323 8370

Beer ABV
Aotearoa Mata Artesian 5.0
Aotearoa Mata Feijoa 5.0
Aotearoa Mata Manuka 5.0


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Mata Beers are brewed and bottled locally in the Bay in Kawerau by Aotearoa Breweries NZ Ltd.

As beer is made up of over 90% water, it has long been recognised that the quality of the water in the brewing process is very important. All Mata beers are brewed using pure artesian water sourced specially from the Eastern Bay of Plenty region. The water has been protected in an underground aquifer 1000ft underground at the Otakiri Springs aquifer and is one of the deepest, highest quality water sources in New Zealand and in the world. It has been carbon dated at more than 1800 years old. During its journey to the earth’s surface, the water undergoes natural rock filtration, resulting in one of the best tasting waters in New Zealand.

I caught up with Gloria recently at the craft beer show; it was great to have the opportunity to try a couple of the new beers. The Mata Brown Boy amber ale is a full flavoured ale with malty characteristics balanced by a refreshing dash of New Zealand’s indigenous horopito magic!

Next time you get the chance, try a Mata, an excellent local beer, available from Liqourland Mount Maunganui and Tauranga.

June 10, 2012 | Registered Commenter[]
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