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Dunedin - Green Man Brewery

Why: Sustainable, Organic, Recyclying bottles

Address: 9 Grange St, Dunedin
PO Box 229, Dunedin
Phone: 03 477 7755

Beer     ABV          
Green Man Best Bitter     4.5        
Green Man Celt     6.5        
Green Man Dark Mild     3.5        
Green Man Enrico’s Cure     14.5        
Green Man Keller     4.8          
Green Man Lager     4.8    

Green Man Premium Pils     5.4    

Green Man Radler     2.4      
Green Man Stout     7.0  

Green Man Strong     6.5    

Green Man Wheat Beer     5.2

Green Man Whisky Bock     8.5    

Fine-value stout, in returnable bottle to boot - 19 June 2009

Brewer bows to DB pressure - 2 June 2009

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From the NZ Craft Beer Journal entry, 26/1/11:

Green Man Brewery in Dunedin takes a sustainable approach to brewing and actively encourages used bottle and cardboard box returns. Not only that, they are fully organic and produce all of their beers under the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot). This is helped by the fact that their brewer, Enrico is a trained German brewmaster, so each of the beers we tasted had a definite German character to them. The Krystal Weiss, their filtered wheat beer and the only example of this style in the country, had a good blend of light caramel malt and banana ester character and was ridiculously thirst quenching.

The Pils and Lager showed great hop bitterness, again highlighting the style of beer that Enrico enjoys brewing. The star of the show, however, was the 14.5% ABV Enrico’s Cure from 2008. This beer had been produced with a Champagne yeast and had no sugar at all added to it. Enrico explained that he preferred the character that malt sugars give, compared to any artificial sugars that are sometimes added to produce beers of this strength and I can honestly say that this approach paid off. The rich fruit and chocolate nose of the beer amalgamated perfectly in the mouth, where more chocolate and vanilla and luscious sweetness melded to soften the warming alcohol finish.

We were also lucky enough to try a relatively fresh sample of the Stout, which although young, tasted absolutely perfect to us! We chatted with General Manager Jeremy Seaman and he mentioned that Green Man were affiliated with a bar, Metro, just off the Octagon. We headed off to drop the campervan back at the site so that we could all enjoy a tasty beverage or two.

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